Saying Farewell to Our Global Guru

In response to when she might retire, Janet Branton has often been heard saying, “How do you retire from family?”

You see, Janet has been…what’s the word…no, “responsible for” doesn’t begin to cover it. “Instrumental to” – might start getting us there. There isn’t one word to do it justice, so I’ll simply say that without Janet, the success of NAR Global just doesn’t exist. She took this on, as its own department and as her sole focus – in 2009 (we soon joined forces with our Commercial team, which was another win for REALTORS® worldwide!). And undoubtedly, she delivered.

And now, as she embarks on her retirement – I think she has answered her own question. She’s retiring to be with her family, and there’s no better place for her to be. Her family needs her right now, and yes – even more than we do. 🙂

Throughout her tenure at NAR, she’s touched many areas, including REBAC (now CSRE), Association Leadership Development, Business Specialties, REALTORS® Land Institute, and most recently as Senior Vice President of Commercial & Global Services. Each program has flourished under her leadership. She has created friendships and partnerships that will last for decades to come – not only for her personally, but for NAR’s benefit as well. Her legacy is truly one that will live on.

Personally, I have had the great pleasure of working for Janet all 9 of my years at NAR. I walked into her office, not yet 30 years old and nervous as all get-out for my interview with her. She exuded class and sophistication, and asked me more interesting questions than “where do you see yourself in 5 years.” – She wanted my views, my experiences of the world. It was a more compelling interview than any I can recall.  I remember telling her that I wanted a career, a home, a place that I could stay for more than the “average 4 years”. — I was lucky enough to receive a job offer the very next day and to still be here now.

A consummate professional, never (visibly) rattled, a confidante, and a visionary. This is how I’ll remember my first NAR mentor.

As her career at NAR comes to a close, please raise your coffee, tea, bourbon, beer, or wine (hey, no judgment here, I don’t know what time you’re reading this)! But please, take a moment to say thank you to Janet, for all she has done to help accomplish our mission in global real estate. And most importantly, to wish many, many blessings on her and her family as she embarks on her next chapter, which you will read more about below.

From NAR CEO, Bob Goldberg: 

I am taking this opportunity to announce that, due to extenuating personal circumstances, Janet Branton will be retiring from NAR as of September 1. As some of you know, Janet’s stepson, Matt, has been battling a life-threatening illness for quite some time. Janet has made the difficult decision to step away from her nearly two-decade career at NAR to support her family during this most challenging time and will be relocating to Wisconsin in the coming months. Janet approached me about her decision to retire several weeks ago and, in addition to understanding and prayers, I offered her my complete support. I fervently believe that in situations such as this, family must come first, and I have tremendous respect for the difficult decision Janet has been forced to make. She has graciously agreed to remain at NAR through August to see some critical projects through to completion, and it is my hope that we’ll be able to re-engage her on special projects in the coming months and years.

Please join me in supporting Janet during this difficult time and in thanking her for her many years of dedicated service not only to NAR (18!), but to the entire REALTOR® family (a total of 31!).

Cheers, Janet. You have made your mark on the world, and we (and all real estate professionals around the globe) are better for it. We love you and will miss you!!

Cynthia Fauth

Cindy Fauth (RCE, AHWD, CIPS, ePRO,) is Director of Global Marketing & Business Development for the National Association of REALTORS® Commercial & Global Services team. She joined NAR in September 2009, helping real estate agents and associations "go global" by promoting the programs and tools of NAR Commercial & Global Services.

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  1. Mark Kitabayashi

    Dear Cindy,

    Thank you very much for Great piece on Janet Branton. I also had opportunity to work with her side-by-side on may global projects and travels. She is one of the classiest Lady and leader that I have ever worked with.


    Thank you for all you have done for our members, and our global program. We will do our best to continue the work that you have donefor Global Progam at NAR to help our member prosper. Please Enjoy your next chapter of life, and I am sure our path will cross again somewehre in the world!

    • Thanks Mark! It sure has been a pleasure to work alongside her for the past 9 years. I will miss her tremendously! And you are correct, we will continue carrying the torch that she lit for global! Thanks for all your volunteer leadership to make the global vision come alive.