Creating interactive marketing plans for cross-border business

Nancy Macalusoby Nancy Macaluso, Portside Properties, Inc. and NAR President’s Liaison to South Africa 

Hello All,

To our surprise, my husband Tony and I were taking a break from work and turned on the television. Not much to watch, and channel surfing, we found the HGTV (House and Garden TV) station last night.  The show, “International Home Sales,” featured a couple from Colorado, buying a home in Cape Town. Of course, the show took you on the couple’s journey: his job relocation to Cape Town, and of viewing properties, their budget, and work commute, along with their preferred lifestyle. I was anxious to see who the agent was – Oh no, it wasn’t anyone I knew, and the agent’s company was not referenced in the show.

It was however, very exciting to watch and know EXACTLY where the couple was in Cape Town viewing properties. Yes, I guessed which property they were going to choose before the end of the show. Fun to watch…because we could relate.

You are on the world map for home buying & renting now, more than before in the U.S.

There is real estate business being done between our two countries and our agents need to get their pails beneath the faucet to cross market and make more money through referrals! The revenue lost is big-business and we need to help each other figure out how this business can be successful.  During one of my interviews in Cape Town, with a prominent family-owned independent franchise Broker/Owner, it was disclosed that less than 1% of business, according to their records, were U.S. buyers; and there wasn’t any need to market in the U.S. as past business statistics indicated. I have been touting some numbers of how many South Africans live or purchased a second homes in 5 U.S. states, that I’m aware of  – there is a significant revenue loss on both sides of our oceans..(in my opinion) and we collectively need a plan to foster more business because the consumers are relocating and agents are losing money by not knowing this “before” it happens.

I think creating an interactive-marketing plan should be our 2017 commitment. What do you think?

  1. Well said, we need more attention to bringing global Real Estate to the attention of everyone! An International Marketing Plan sounds like a winner to me! Great

  2. Myrna Graham

    I think it is a great idea Nancy! An interactive – marketing plan would be so helpful. There are a lot of international clients with international RE needs.