Just Released: 2016 Local Market Assessment Reports


Each year NAR Global conducts studies on markets where you wouldn’t normally expect to find global business opportunities. Those who don’t reside in metropolitan areas like New York City or Miami are sometimes quick to assume there isn’t any international business in their communities. In these case studies we set out to prove this assumption wrong. It’s easy to overlook key indicators of global business in your local market, but these reports will show you where to find them.

A Close up on Nevada and Missouri
This year we studied two markets, Missouri and Nevada. Despite their perceived challenges to global business, both markets have been flourishing. Missouri can sometimes be viewed as lacking in opportunity as it sits directly in the center of the U.S. However, its investment in global initiatives and work ethic has really “put it on the map” for foreigners, so to speak. Countless manufacturing plants and distribution centers reside in Missouri. In addition to these examples of direct foreign investment, universities and their support in the state’s innovation initiatives are both key indicators of foreign investment.

Nevada has more mountain ranges and less rainfall than any other state, but is home to numerous technology ventures, Las Vegas with over 6.7 million visitors each year, numerous distribution facilities, resort/luxury buyers and universities. Nevada will also soon be home to one of the most innovative battery and vehicle manufacturers, Tesla. Tesla’s partnerships with companies like Panasonic will bring increased foreign interest in Nevada.

What can you learn?
You can benefit from reading these studies no matter where you live. By taking a moment to read these studies you’ll learn key indicators of global opportunities. They say that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in from of you, but that you must open your eyes to see it. These reports help you do exactly that. Whether it be a new manufacturing plant down the road, a university in the next town over, or a new initiative introduced by your local Chamber of Commerce, these reports help you figure out where to look. Start learning now, and read the full reports.

Charlee Gibson

Charlee Gibson is a Marketing Coordinator for the National Association of REALTORS® Commercial & Global Services division. She can be reached at cgibson@realtors.org.

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