Embassy Visits Yield Benefits for CIPS Designees

CIPS Designees visit the Embassy of Czech Republic

CIPS Designees visit the Embassy of Czech Republic

Each year, CIPS designees are entered into a lottery drawing for an opportunity to visit one of four embassies in Washington, D.C., during the REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo. These visits are among the many benefits that come with CIPS membership.

Earlier this month, designees visited the embassies of Czech Republic, Sweden, Colombia and Panama. At the Czech embassy, they were able to meet for an hour and a half with head economist Tomas Hart and Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission Jaroslav Zajicek.

“We learned detailed information on the Czech economy, where real estate investment opportunities for American’s may lie and what, if any barriers to investment there are,” said Tyler McKenzie, CIPS, a REALTOR® from Washington state. “Frankly, there appear to be none. We also learned there is a sizable Czech ex-pat community in the U.S. who encourage friends and family still living in the Czech Republic to invest here.”

“I learned that the Czech government has removed some of the barriers or hurdles for foreigners (i.e., non-Czechs) to purchase real estate in the Czech Republic,” said Jana Herdova, CIPS, an Illinois REALTOR® who currently serves as NAR President’s Liaison to the Czech Republic. “The Czechs are ‘American friendly’ and welcome them as tourists and in business.”

Economic and real estate information was shared from the embassy staff. According to the Czech Trade Focus publication, economic growth in that country is expected to grow in 2014. An increase in exports is expected after currency intervention by nation’s central bank. The car manufacturing industry accounts for nearly 24 percent of manufacturing in the Czech Republic, and about 60 percent of the labor force is in the services industry.

The NAR delegation shared the importance of working with a CIPS designee with the embassy staff. A copy of the “Your Guide to Finding International Real Estate Agents in the U.S. and Worldwide” brochure also was provided to the embassy.

It’s benefits like these that attracted designees like McKenzie to the CIPS program. “The power of the CIPS designation is that it opens up a broad spectrum of business opportunity and education for those who pursue it,” he said. “Being a CIPS designee provides a worldwide range of possibilities.”

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